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Summer Fashion 2016

Summer Fashion Trends 2016

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What better way to soak up the summer rays than a wardrobe full of linen fashions? Get ready to plunge into all your seasonal activities with the softness of good old linen. As a classic fabric, made from one of the oldest agricultural plants in the world, this material is both reliable and natural. It’s also known for its soft texture and heat-absorbing qualities, making it an ideal clothing choice for hot temperatures. So, whether you’re hitting up the beach, taking a trip or simply cruising around town, you can rely on linen to keep you dry and comfortable. And at the same time, you can quench your thirst for style with these popular summer fashion trends.

Take The V-Neck Plunge

White V-Neck - Summer Fashion Trends 2016
White Romper - Summer Fashion Trends 2016

Every fashion lover knows their best asset. Fortunately, with the linen V-neck, you never have to worry about choosing a flattering cut because it looks great on everyone! Guys in particular can rock this trend to create the impression of a stronger build. The slenderness of the V shape makes the shoulders appear broader, giving a robust effect along the upper body.

For ladies, this trend offers a sophisticated look, while also adding a dash of sex appeal. Depending on the depth of the V shape, you can give a peek-a-boo of the décolleté, which also gives the illusion of a longer neck. The overall fit is truly flattering.

Happy Summer Blues

Blue Henley - Summer Fashion Trends 2016
Blue Linen Dress - Summer Fashion

This season, designers are going full-force with the color blue. In fact, people are encouraged to wear blue from head to toe, creating unifying outfit with one single color. This matching trend is becoming popular among celebrities, runways and the streets of Miami.

Claudio Milano makes it easy to coordinate outfits in blue with their premium fabric dying process. Unlike most linen brands, which use already pre-colored fabrics, Claudio Milano only uses white garments that are later washed and dipped in dye. This process is more exquisite as each piece can be dyed in the same manner for a perfectly matching outfit, including shoes!

Salute To Linen Army Jackets

White Linen Army Jacket
Mens Linen Army Jacket

Loved for its classically cool pockets and buttons, the linen army jacket makes the perfect summer go-to. Wear it to complete your outfit on a chilly day or an evening night out. Its cozy linen material will let you soak up each moment in utter comfort.


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