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Leisure Fashion: Great Outfits For Around The House

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Slumping around in your snuggie and sweats may feel cozy, but it feels way better to be a fashionable stay-at-home lounger. Which one are you? Whether you’re relaxing over the weekend or unwinding after work, you can easily slip into some fashionable leisure outfits for around the house. You’ll feel fresher, brighter and certainly more luxurious—so each time you’re reading the morning newspaper or simply being a bed bug for the day, you’re doing it like a star.

Designer Hoodie

Loved as the ultimate leisure staple, a quality hoodie will take you through all your comfy days indoors. Claudio Milano features premium linen hoodies for both men and women, while also maintaining a form-fitting design that’s both flattering and easy to wear—check and check!

Each hoodie is made with adjustable drawstrings to customize your own fit. Wear them with flip flops or slippers to create your ideal outfit for around the house.


Drawstring Linen Pants

For snug homebodies, slap on these soft linen pants for sheer comfort. Designed with two deep pockets and a relaxed waistband, they’re the next best thing to walking around in your PJs—only way better looking!

The women’s version features a large bow and pleats for a more feminine touch. The men’s pants are made with belt loops in case you ever feel like sprucing it up a notch. Both ladies and gents can wear these pants with a tank or V-neck, finished with a pair of boat shoes.


Cozy Blue Serenity

Cuddle up on the coach in cozy blue linen, the most indulgent way to feel at ease. For men, a rugged fitted long sleeve shirt will keep you looking handsome and effortless. You can sport it with khaki pants for a relaxed yet well-dressed vibe.

Ladies can hop into an adorable linen onesie.   Wear as your go-to for leisure fashion and stay in all day to watch your favorite flicks or paint your tootsies.


So, you don’t need to look far for fashionable outfits for around the house. Once you’ve settled on your top few, your weekends as a hermit will never look so good. Then, just grab a simmering cup of Early Grey and you’re ready for true luxury.

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